Frequently Asked Questions

1. Mister Porkpie is a funny name. Where does it come from?

A “pork pie” is a type of hat – just like the one Mister Porkpie wears! Some great comedic entertainers that we respect and admire wore pork pie hats… Buster Keaton, Dean Martin and Fozzie Bear – quite an eclectic group.

2. What types of audience does Mister Porkpie perform for?

Mister Porkpie only performs for family, children and senior audiences.  Every show he does includes silly humor, and is ALWAYS clean.  Mister Porkpie works exclusively as a family-friendly entertainer and chooses his shows accordingly.

3. Does Mister Porkpie perform outdoors?

For birthday parties and private events, is it preferred to perform indoors.  Nature can often throw a curveball with extra warm and sunny weather or even rain and humidity.  The comfort of our audience always comes first, so our indoor show is highly recommended.  Fairs and festivals are, of course, the exception to the rule.  Please ask for options on working indoors.

4. Which areas does Mister Porkpie perform?

Mister Porkpie is based out of the Menifee Valley.  He performs everywhere, but we primarily serve the Riverside County / Inland Empire areas, including, but not limited to: Menifee, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Hemet and Temecula.

5. Why should I hire Mister Porkpie for my event?

Most entertainment companies have several magicians, twisters, performers on-call, and hire out for their customers.  When you hire Mister Porkpie for your event, you get just that… Mister Porkpie himself.  You get the satisfaction of knowing that the entertainer on our website, videos, business cards, etc. is the entertainer that YOU receive… with no middle man involved to inflate the prices.  You also get children bragging to their friends that Mister Porkpie performed at their birthday party.

Contact us at (714) 808-6494 or info@remnetmagic.com to book your show.